sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

My dream come true

You are the light of my day My angel!!

My most wonderful feeling

 Marquito, at last I’ve found you, you are my own perfect radiance!

You arrived in my life as the most beautiful rainbow after the storm.

With a wonderful smile that turns everything into light and joy.

Your hands express in every embrace, the most sincere and beautiful emotion.

Your sweet and clear look is the engine to all our achievements.

Our unique connection and complicity expresses all sounds.

The most beautiful melody, making the world exceptional and fascinating.

Each step is a reward for the hard work and tenacity of your innocent being.

I proudly see you walk through life and I say to myself

“If he can, so can I”. You are a great inspiration, my Marquito,

Tender angel,

Gift from God.

To speak of you, is to speak of love.

Seeing and contemplating you each instant of my life, is sweet wisdom.

Your silences and lack of silences, is the communication of our souls and hearts.

Your sole innocence, your smile makes of my life a gorgeous rainbow.

You are made up of love, made up of kisses, hugs, affection; you are gentleness and tenderness personified. You are my son, a piece of heaven.

My dream made true, the angel of my dreams come true, love turned human, full of tenderness, innocence and love. A treasure called miracle of life and hope.

This is you, my dear Marquito.

The most wonderful inspiration, a perfectly made masterpiece

You came to this life as another gift, and that does not make you any different

This makes you a super special person, because you are my champion,

My son, dearest ray of light.

You were born to fill my life with much love and hope.

© copyright 2014

Martha Genetz

The condition of Autism Spectrum Disorder- Diagnosis

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Many spiritual things are invaluable such as love and a kind word.
A grateful smile is priceless, and it's free !!
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My most precious treasure-Marquito

"The Best thing about Life is our Children "
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